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Skin care for acne by Leorex

Skin care for acne by Leorex is identical for adolescents and adults, however, the choice of drugs depends on the severity of disease, the characteristics of lesions, the results of analyzes, hormonal status and other related diseases. Medical care must always be matched by dermatologist!

Leorex Cosmetic products for acne skin improvement are intended for solving the following problems in an integrated approach:

  • Reducing sebum production by the sebaceous glands;
  • Deep cleansing and reduction of pores, removing the sebaceous plugs;
  • The suppression of pathogenic microflora and inflammation.

Using Leorex preparations of this category in the complex, you are sure will regain a clean and beautiful skin.

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  1. Leorex Pure Mask for oily skin with comedones

    Pure Mask for oily skin with comedones, 30 bags

    Leorex ☆ Professional Cosmetics




    Skin Nano Formula for oily skin with comedones, clearing away blackheads and whiteheads and preventing new ones from forming. Pure nanoparticles create a unique self-organizing adaptive network on the skin. Extremely high performance adaptability to skin local disorders, oily, impure and problematic skin. Leorex™ Pure nano-network performs the following multiple tasks:

    • Deep-cleansing without damaging
    • Supporting and triggering body's natural self-curing resources to fight blemishes(pimples, blotches etc)
    • Soothing irritations
    • Balancing the correct osmotic pressure for improved flow of superfluous sebum, helping to prevent comedones creation
    • Absorbing dead cells, impurities, and sebum secreted to outer skin surface and by doing so, leads to skin revived look, maintaining its smooth, clean, healthy and refreshed appearance.
    Eliminates skin problems: Acne

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