All of us dream to have beautiful skin – tender, smooth, pink and healthy. Just dry skin looks great in youth – it has delicate pink color; it is not glossy and fine-pored; it is not prone to formation of blackheads and pimples. But it is very sensitive to influence of water, sun lights, dry air, wind, central heating. That’s why it needs solicitous handling and care; then it will remain smooth, elastic and fresh with the increase of years.


What makes the skin dry?

Dry skin is prone to sloughing, it becomes prematurely wrinkled; the feeling of tightness arises. The reasons of dryness may be multifarious, for example:

    • heredity;
    • avitaminosis;
    • health problems;
    • underactivity of sebaceous glands;
    • continuous influence of sun, wind and frost;
    • abuse of peeling;
    • frequent washing with soap.

In any case dry and irritated skin will need special care, moisturizing, protection and solicitous care.


Nutrition is to be proper, balanced, with an abundance of vitamins A, E and C. But it’s not enough.


Dry and irritated skin care implies washing with warm water without soap and dubbing with mild cleansing nonalcoholic toner, gel or milk with medicinal herbs extracts, vitamins and plant oils. Yarrow, chamomile and witch hazel extracts are used as active components. They provide antibacterial, moisturizing, soothing action, relieve irritation, swelling and inflammation, promote healing and protect skin from aging. These cosmetic products gently cleanse the skin, without damaging its protective balance, intensifying activity of sebaceous glands. And medicinal plants decoctions can be applied instead of lotion: of yarrow, linden flowers, calendula, chamomile, jasmine, sage, elder flowers, rose petals, ribwort. But in the composition of the solution essential components can be absent, and the dosage can be not precisely divined. Additionally, a lot of time will be necessary for the experiments like that. All the more, cosmeticians have already developed the prefect cosmetic products with balanced formula and mild, sparing effect.Delicate skin can be harmed by sauna, swimming in chlorinated water, alcohol-based lotions, scrubs and indurating masks.Dry skin is sensitive to influence of water with soap; that’s why its proprietresses are recommended to use sparing cleansers, for example, milk with knotweed, Galilee’s flowers, gingko, pearls and green tea, avoid usage of irritative cosmetic products.

Nourishing and moisturizing

After washing dry skin should not be thoroughly rubbed down. It can be only slightly dabbed with towel or dubbed with cream still in wet condition. Cosmetic products on the basis of natural oils will be appropriate: of jojoba, sea-buckthorn, coconut and cacao, with vitamin E, knotweed, rosemary and melissa extracts. They restore skin balance, relieve inflammation and irritation. For dry and irritated skin care oils and extracts of beggar-ticks, ginger, acai berries will be beneficial. The only thing is that the oils are recommended to be applied once a week and not more often, because they may dissolve hydro-lipid mantle of dry skin and it can lead to greater sensitivity and irritation. And by the balanced approach they perfectly hydrate, relieve inflammation and reddening, prevent sloughing and eruption. Both elixirs and oils are perfectly absorbed into the skin, make it elastic; tone up and stimulate.


Popular recipes abound in different modifications of fruit and vegetable, honey and curd masks. You can use virtually all available foodstuffs. But these advises are based exceptionally on private experience while the result is not guaranteed. Reliable, natural, top-quality masks with aloe leaf juice, honeysuckle, calendula, green tea extracts; sea-buckthorn, evening primrose, shea nut, comfrey, geranium essential oils, allantoin, bisabolol, squalene and vitamins E, B, C. These cosmetic products will relieve irritation, restore skin, and make it elastic and firm.

Proprietresses of dry and irritated skin should also pay attention to the skin around the eyes and sun protection. By complying with several simple rules and careful, solicitous attitude to the skin, it will remain tender, smooth, elastic and healthy for many long years.