Any person aims to look neat and prettily, accomplishing his or her stylish image by fashionable haircuts. Healthy brilliant hair helps people of both sexes look presentably and create the right impression on the associates. But such a widespread problem as dandruff emerges; it spoils the appearance, flags the spirits and causes itching. Dandruff impedes oxygen flow to the skin cells. That’s why hear becomes limp in course of time; it can start falling out.

How does dandruff emerge?

Reasons of dandruff emergence can be various. This scalp disease can be triggered by hormonal problems in the body, abnormal metabolism, stresses, nervous disorders, unbalanced diet. A person can be allergic to diverse factors – headdress or pillow materials, pet hair and even harmful components that are in the air.

Additionally, hard or hot water and mismatched, poor quality cosmetic products may affect the scalp. But the most common reason is fungous disease. It can be passed by a towel or a comb; that’s why you are to pay attention to hygiene, have your own hair care items and household goods.

Types of dandruff

The scalp can be dry or oily. Its common diseases are classified in the same way. By dry dandruff it is itching in several minutes after shampooing, the hair becomes fractured, split and brittle, and the small white skin scales fall down being visible on the dark cloths. In this case you are to see the value of moisturizing of the scalp and hair, drink much water. While oily dandruff has a yellowish tinge. It does not fall down from the head, but just spoils the appearance. Even after shampooing the hear will look dirty, greasy and untidy. But in any case the reasons of the disease are to be discovered and depending on the diagnosis the doctor’s prescription is to be got.

Methods of treatment

Professional remedies for dandruff may be:

  • antifungal (ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione);
  • antiphlogistic;
  • antibacterial;
  • antipruritic.

Medicated shampoos also facilitate the cleansing of pores and scalp renewal, saturate the cells by minerals and vitamins and slow growth of the scalp cells. They are to be applied only on prescription.

There is a lot of popular recipes that include:

  • decoctions of medicinal herbs;
  • hair masks;
  • vinegar rinses;
  • scalp massage with natural oils.

For example, it is beneficial to rinse hair by decoction of nettle, sage, hop cones, honeyberry, calendula. Some foodstuffs such as lemon, kefir, onion, salt, brown bread, various oils, including essential ones are applied effectively as well. The components are mixed in miscellaneous correlations; they are used as hair masks. The result will be evident already in some months, while the selection of home remedies may be based on personal tastes and preferences, advices of friends and own experience. Additionally, everybody is to drink much water, eat only healthy food and go for sports.

Preventive measures

In order to get rid of dandruff, preventing its emergence, you should use only top-quality and natural cosmetic products for shampooing, moisturizing, nourishment strengthening, renovation and conditioning of hair. Contemporary natural cosmetics on the basis of medicinal herb extracts that are perfectly matched to the given hair and scalp type, don’t cause allergic reactions. Their formulas are balanced and the quality is checked by dermatologists, passing strict inspection.

Moreover, the customers don’t need to harvest the medicinal herbs, brew them, dispense and mix up the components; spend a lot of time and experiment on own health searching the best recipes of the mask or decoction. You can just take a ready-made, top-quality cosmetic product with pleasant aroma, gentle texture and long shelf life that will be easy to use.

It will be healthy to use the whole contemporary toolkit of remedies to help dry, normal, color treated, fractured and oily hair, that is:

  • neutral acidity shampoos;
  • berry, fruit and vitamin masks;
  • oils on the basis of various herb extracts (burdock roots, acai, rosemary, sea-buckthorn, knot-grass);
  • balms and conditioners.

By providing regular and thorough hair care, using both empirical remedies and top-quality contemporary cosmetic products, beautiful and healthy look of the hair will be achieved and dandruff emergence will be prevented.

Products that help get rid of dandruff