Sun protection is very important for children, because their skin is more delicate and susceptible to UV radiation than the skin of adults. This is connected to the fact that children's skin is easily damaged at a deep cellular level, because it is much thinner than our adult skin, so tanning is especially dangerous for children and can lead to the development of unwanted skin diseases in the future.

Do not use chemical sunscreens for babies up to a year! Their skin still can not cope with many artificial ingredients in these preparations. Therefore, with this understanding, cosmetics manufacturers have developed special formulations of sun protection for children on a natural basis. Natural products contain only organic ingredients and contain NO chemicals, parabens and preservatives.

In our FeelBe - store you will find Israeli manufacturer Mommy Care preparations with an average degree of sun protection SPF15, ideal for the urban environment, as well as at sea and in the mountains: Facial sunscreen (SPF 15) and Body sunscreen (SPF 15). Hypoallergenic formula of preparations makes them suitable for newborns and adults with very sensitive skin. 

The active sunscreen titanium dioxide is used, which blocks harmful rays.

Use sunscreens for children for half an hour before going outside, so you save the full protective effect. Moreover, the use of sunscreens for children need even in the shade, as UV rays can be reflected from all surfaces. If you stay on the beach you need to refresh a protective layer on the child's body each hour, and especially after swimming.

Be responsible for your own child and protect it from harmful UV rays.