Wrinkles and nosolabial folds appear on face after 30 years; the skin becomes dry, starts losing elasticity. Human aging is influenced by aggregate external factors such as ultraviolet exposure, temperature extremes, dust and dirt, harmful chemical substances, that are contained in soap, alcohol, low-quality decorative cosmetics.

As well as state of health, metabolism, hormonal balance, vitamins and minerals deficiency, nutrition, medical diseases. That’s why skin protection, its moisturizing, nutrition and prevention are to be constantly maintained.

Contemporary effective rejuvenation methods allow being cagey about the real age, keeping the facial skin smooth and tender. Paying attention solely to the face, it is easy to confuse a middle-aged lady with a young girl. This effect can be reached without operations, tuck-up surgery, injections and hardware procedures. It is sufficient just to care for the facial skin, using high-quality cosmetic products.

Skin aging peculiarities

Ptosis that is laxity and soft tissue elasticity decline, skin sagging appear on face at mature age. Keratinized cell layer is increasing and wrinkles appear at separate, especially active face areas.

collagenous (accumulation of malformed collagen fibers);Experts separate 3 ways of skin aging, that is:

  • hyaluronic (decay of hyaluronic acid);
  • regeneration (slowdown of cell divisions and epidermidalization).

In order to provide comprehensive care by anti-aging therapy, you should work on all three directions. That’s why the skin is to be cleansed carefully, removing keratinous layer, moisturized, preventing wrinkling transition, nourished, facelifted, providing elasticity, saturated with vitamins, stimulating its renewal and protected from sunlight. Choosing effective cosmetic products and rejuvenation methods, skin type, age and individual aging problems are to be taken into account.

Anti-aging care

Effective methods of facial rejuvenation must include peeling that removes keratinous layer. Cleansing exfoliating mousses and gels on the basis of fruit AHA (alpha hydroxy) acids (lactic, glycolic, malic, citric etc.) perform a number of essential tasks: they carefully cleanse the skin, removing top layer of keratinized cells, stimulate skin renewal, don’t contract and don’t dry it, restore acid balance, increase the skin susceptibility to subsequent preparations with anti-aging effect. Remember that application of sunscreen preparations is necessary after the usage of acids!

Bio-active serums possess unique properties. They contain hyaluronic acid for replenishing of moisture level within the skin, extracts of medicinal herbs that stimulate skin regeneration, restore elastin and collagen fibres, smooth and soften it, even out the tone, improve complexion. They also contain biologically active peptides that increase the skin elasticity, fortify the immune system. Among the most popular ones is Decorinyl – it promotes collagen synthesis, ensuring homogenous, defectless fibres formation. Argireline (harmless NON-injection Botox alternative) stimulates muscles relaxation and smoothing of facial wrinkles owing to blocking of nerve impulse transmission to the muscle, thereby unbracing it. These cosmetic products can be used separately, under the mask or cream, applying them on clear skin, don’t washed away.

Every day moisturizing and nourishing cream is to be applied. It has to be thoroughly selected for the given type of skin, aging problems and age. They contain oils of rose, chamomile, incense, lavender, sea-buckhorn, acai, primrose, calendula, shea butter, argan, wheat germs, jojoba, avocado, black currant, dog-rose, borage, green tea, pomegranate, grape seeds, algae, tomatoes, aloe that perfectly rejuvenate and smooth the skin. These effective products contain also vitamins A (retinol), E, C, an

Mature age requires also special care for tender, thin and prone to wrinkles skin around the eyes and lips. It is necessary to select special lifting-cream and serum for these sensitive zones for comprehensive care.tioxidants; indispensable fatty acids that promote slowing down of aging processes, restore the skin and its protective functions.

Carefully caring for your skin, using the best modern cosmetic products, you can keep the skin young without operations and surprise associates by your young, fresh and healthy look.