Summer skin cleansing: 5 best facial cleansers

In the summer, our skin especially needs high-quality cleansing, because in the hot season, sebum secretion and sweating become more intense. We have collected five wonderful beauty products that will do an excellent job of cleansing the skin during the hot season.

HL Labs Cleansing Gel Multi Vitamin 250ml

A cleansing face gel with a fruity aroma and an abundance of vitamins to maintain healthy skin during the summer. Gently cleanses the skin and gives it freshness and radiance.

 ➤ Magiray Clarity Plus foam 150ml

Soft foam for thorough but gentle skin cleansing with soothing and calming plant extracts. Effectively removes makeup and excess sebum. The foam does not contain soap and artificial flavors, and therefore is suitable for all family members, including children. 

GIGI Aroma Essense Soap for delicate skin 250ml

For owners of sensitive skin, this soap is suitable. Does not damage the pH and barrier properties of the skin, does not dry, perfectly cleanses the skin from makeup and impurities. After using the soap, even very sensitive skin will be perfectly clean, fresh and healthy.

SR Cosmetics Herbal Plants Cleansing Mousse 150ml

Mousse for skin cleansing with medicinal herbs and curcumin extract. Gently cleanses, soothes and balances the skin. The synergy in this product creates maximum skin regeneration activity.

 ➤ Pharma Esthetica Facial Deep Cleansrer 200ml


The optimal cleanser for all skin types. Contains witch hazel extract and panthenol for antiseptic and softening effects. Mild foam will make the skin clean and radiant.