Five reasons to wash up in the evening

Five reasons to wash up in the evening

Has it ever happened that after a long working day or a stormy night you fell asleep without washing the face, and in the morning "reap the fruits" of this act? As a result, instead of a rested face we have a tired look, bags under the eyes and gray skin color. Let's see why it is necessary wash up in the evening and what cosmetic products will help us in this.

1. Life in the city is characterized by unhealthy environmental conditions. Exhaust gases, carbon black, urban dust settle for a day on our skin. Malware particles in combination with particles of make-up, form an additional load on the skin during sleep. In consequence of this intoxication the skin gets a dim, unhealthy color and friable texture.

2. The remaining particles of make up and pollution on the skin overnight - a direct way to clog the sebaceous ducts and the formation of comedones (blackheads). Sebum accumulating beneath the foundation or powder becomes excellent breeding ground for pathogens and microorganisms present on the skin. This also contributes to acne, inflammation and skin imperfections.

3. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate, and for many women it prone to the appearance of early wrinkles. It is important not to overdry it, in order not to exacerbate the visibility of wrinkles. At the same time, in the majority of dry eye shadow the talc enters - the main cause of dry skin, and other types of shadow (liquid, gel, etc.) contain a lot of adverse for a skin health agents, even alcohols. To keep youth and elasticity of the skin around the eyes as long as possible must be timely cleaned it of all superfluous. And, importantly, to use with the special means, adapted to the eyelid skin. Here are examples of such preparations:


4. Do not forget about the mascara - enveloping each hair around the perimeter and along the entire length, it is not only lengthens the lashes and makes it more dense, but, on the other hand, making them heavier and more rigid. This ultimately increases the brittleness of eyelashes and promotes early loss. Even not necessary to speak about the use of poor quality mascara leaving lumps on the eyelashes. So if you are a fan of nature and dense fluffy eyelashes, mascara should stay on them as little as possible. This is another reason thoroughly to remove makeup from the face.

5. It should be clearly understood that in addition to the total load, our facial skin undergoes a lot of stress for the day: changes in temperature and humidity, increased solar activity, an unbalanced diet and smoking stimulate oxidative processes and aging. To restore the skin and to prevent signs of aging, it is necessary to apply on skin cream or serum. This will be possible only after a proper skin cleansing.

The evening face washing - a mandatory procedure, but for every skin type requires its own approach:

- for oily skin cleansing gels are suitable. They remove excess of fat, reduce inflammation and refresh the skin:


- for normal and combination skin сan be used as gels and foams (but avoid products with matting effect):

- for dry and especially sensitive skin, the best to use cosmetic cleansing milk:


Complete the skin cleansing process of its toning by refreshing toner for your skin type or mineral water.

Resting at night and gaining strength for a new day, let do the same thing to your face skin. Awarded due care and attention, it never will remain in debt.

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