How to get rid of enlarged pores on face?

How to get rid of enlarged pores on face?

Any representative of the fairer sex dreams about having healthy, smooth and clear skin. Otherwise she could not be completely confident of her attractiveness and the associates would not regard her as a successful and prosperous business lady, or just as a charming woman. If the pores are large and clogged, some of their functions such as thermoregulation or perspiration are performed not well enough. Black spots appear there and the face will look ugly, untidy and sloppy. 

Additionally, in course of time these defects can cause formation of blackheads and pimples. It is quite easy to get rid of enlarged pores: if you devote some time to self care, using the best contemporary cosmetic products, you can bring about an improvement of the skin covering condition and appearance. Within this framework, top-quality cosmetic products that are manufactured in Israel exclusively from natural ingredients will be essential.

Reasons of comedone appearance

Pores on face might be enlarged because of various reasons: genetic factors have an influence; people with oily skin are prone to formation of black spots at greater extent than the ones with normal and dry skin. Endocrine profile, stresses, aging changes, dehydration and insolation produce an effect. Serious consequences arise from using of poorly-chosen, low-quality cosmetics and misuse of various products. If the cosmetics are not taken off before bedtime, the skin is not cleansed with scrubs, moisturizing creams are used rarely, it will negatively affect the girl’s appearance.

Some effective measures to tighten pores

To get ideal look of the skin and make the enlarged pores on the face imperceptible, all young charmers and especially older women regularly practice its cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. Therefore they use:

  • lotions and tonics;
  • scrubs;
  • masks;
  • ice;
  • special creams.

Extremely effective will be a diet with fruits and vegetables. The skin of the girls who drink a lot of water, green tea, juice, fruit drinks and the other natural beverages looks fresh and rested. By washing with cold water, using delicate cleansing products and, being continuously exposed to summer sun, by protecting their skin from harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation, the ladies will be rewarded by healthy appearance and admiration of the people around. And natural, top-quality cosmetics that were carefully selected by cosmetologists, considering individual characteristics of the girl’s skin covering, will accentuate and enhance the effect.

Cleansing and toning up

To get rid of enlarged pores, it is helpful to wash yourself every morning and evening, using cleansing gels and mousses for oily skin. After washing you can use an effective product for the skin pH rebalancing, for example, cleansing tonic or lotion for oily skin. Sponging the face by ice cubes will freshen up the face and help to tighten the pores.

To remove cellular debris, scrubs and peels are to be used. Active serums laced with fruit acids have an incredibly mild and positive effect on oily skin. They improve texture of oily porous skin and lessen the amount of comedones. And it is particularly important to moisturize the face; then sebaceous matter will be produced at not so intensive rate and the skin look will be improved. A cream for normal and oily skin will be ideally suited for this purpose.

Masks and scrubs

Sometimes, 1-2 times a week, the skin needs the special care. The face can be preliminary prepared by means of steam bath. Medicinal herbs such as chamomile,

rosemary, milfoil, lavender, calendula can be used. The treatment should be better performed in the evening. Afterwards the face should be cleansed with scrub for oily and porous skin and nourished using a pore tightening mask. Having washed off the mask, the skin should be moisturized as usually.

Various volatile oils and medicinal herb extracts, such as of lavender, lemon or bergamot work incomparably. They will help to improve metabolic processes, cleanse the face and get rid of enlarged pores. These products are used during facial massage and independently.

Providing daily face care, not forgetting to take off the cosmetics in evening, using the best top-quality cosmetic products, you can significantly improve the skin condition; make it clean, smooth and shining. It will contribute to better image of the fairer sex representative, her self-esteem and well-being.


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