How to get rid of the facial skin redness?

How to get rid of the facial skin redness?

It is no secret that the skin reflects internal state of health and accomplishes a lot of multifarious functions. It protects the person from influence of sun, dust, coldness and wind, mechanical and chemical injuries.

Skin covering regulates temperature, ensures metabolism and immunity. That’s why appearance of red spots, sloughing and itching can become a serious pause for thought. It may be a serious disease sign and useful elements deficiency. But if the redness appeared due to sharp change of the climate or temporary absence of care, it is easy to set right.

What can cause facial skin redness?

The reasons of irritation can be various, including:

  • allergic reactions to cosmetics, foodstuffs, pet hair, dust and other agents;
  • abuse of spicy and hot food;
  • hormonal deregulations attributed to menstrual cycle;
  • stresses;
  • climatic factors (frost, wind, temperature extremes, over-dried air);
  • burns;
  • poor cleansing of the skin and clogged pores;
  • using of inappropriate, outdated or low-quality cosmetics.

Thus the reason of the redness is to be determined and the skin is to be soothed quickly.


In case of sharp deterioration of health, a doctor’s advice will be required. Skin redness can be a symptom of virulent illnesses, for example, allergic dermatitis, German measles or chicken pox.

Those that suspect what exactly could cause irritation should take fast and effective measures. Highly allergic individuals are to take medicines immediately. As to cosmetic products, you can cope with redness on damaged skin as quick and effective as possible using top-quality lotions and masks based on medicinal herbs extracts, such as:

  • chamomile;
  • plantain;
  • witch hazel;
  • mimosa;
  • green tea;
  • cucumber;
  • yarrow;
  • knotweed;
  • comfrey;
  • Gotu Kola;
  • melissa;
  • calendula;
  • myrtle;
  • sage;
  • aloe leaf juice.

Oils of avocado, evening primrose, grape seeds, lavender, thyme, frankincense, coconut, lemon, geranium, cocoa, jojoba, elderberry, Dog Rose, honeysuckle, almond and sea-buckthorn; Dead Sea minerals are indispensable.

Hypoallergenic skin saver gel and ointment help to relieve irritation and inflammation fast. They help with burns, insect bites, chemical and mechanical damages, wounds and cuts by soothing, moisturizing and suppling skin.

Daily care and prevention

To get rid of facial skin redness and rash did not become a painful surprise, regular care is necessary. You need to remove cosmetics and dirt out of the face late in the evening, but it is harmful to use simply soap, hot or icy water for that end. Face can be cleansed only by means of tender, mild, sparing, non-alcoholic toners, gels, milk, mousse.

They have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, disinfectant effect; sooth, moisturize, nourish dry, sensitive and thin skin, without contracting or disrupting the acid balance.

Afterwards skin moisturizing and nourishing using natural creams and serums on the basis of natural components is required. These top-quality cosmetic products sooth and moisturize the skin, eliminate dryness, itching, irritation and sloughing. To apply in the morning under makeup attention is to be paid to protection from sun and other climatic factors.

To avoid redness of facial skin, it is recommended to make masks. You can use mild, refreshing and moisturizing cosmetic products. They relieve inflammation, redness, swelling; smooth and refresh the skin. Especially effective is the mask with aloe leaf juice. It will stop inflammatory process, cleanse pores and remove toxins, without contracting or causing a feeling of dryness.

Taking daily and thorough care of your sensitive skin, choosing mild, natural, top-quality cosmetic products, you can prevent facial skin redness and preserve its beauty and health.

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