Skin care during pregnancy

Skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly a happy and challenging period for every woman. Changes in the mother’s body take place affecting skin, hair, nails; the whole body requires constant care. But you are to pay close attention to the fetus safety. That’s why application of cosmetic preparations is limited and the cosmetic products that are used should be natural, top-quality, safe and recommended by a doctor during childbearing.

Specific problems

During pregnancy the following problems usually happen:

  • skin pigmentation;
  • rashes and pimples;
  • vein problems;
  • stretch marks and striae.

During pregnancy endocrine profile starts changing, more progesterone are produced (hormone that is responsible for pregnancy continuation); the amount of estrogen is reducing. This hormone is responsible for regular sebum secretion, maintenance of hydro lipid mantle that protects the skin from dehydration, penetration of malignant bacteria, etc. Thus the skin is becoming dry, sensitive to external irritants; in some cases complexion is getting worse, itching arise.

With pregnancy pigment spots can also appear; birthmarks can enlarge or darken.

Various rashes can appear on the face or body, attributed with the same hormones. During the last trimester with the fetal increase the legs are becoming dropsical, venous stars can appear. But the greatest troubles that flag the spirits of almost all expectant mothers are stretch marks on the body. The skin is wearing thin because of lack of elastin and proteins. With the course of time rupture of dermal fibres can happen, then connective tissue increases, becomes white.

General recommendations for the skin care

To make up for missing protective mantle functions, for facial skin care mild cleansers and lotions on natural basis (alcohol-free) are to be selected. Problem areas are cleansed using mild scrubs and enzyme peelings. For skin moisturizing and nourishing, it is better to use cosmetic products containing squalene, hyaluronic acid and soothing components that nourish, soften and moisturize the skin, protect it from dehydration, have regenerating and curative effects.

Nor should ignore the sunscreen preparations and mineral with natural ingredients and sun protection factor of at least 20. Cover the arms and décolleté zone, wear sunglasses.

To prevent stretch marks it is useful to apply a special cream that moisturizes, soothes and nourishes the skin after a shower bath. Therefore choose the preparations containing vitamin E. It promotes skin elasticity improving, as well as natural oils and components that stimulate the microcirculation. Essential oils of neroli, geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang that help to relax, calm down, feel joy and comfort are often added to the cosmetic products for pregnant women.

Anti striae cream is to be applied to the skin of thigh, belly and breast in circular massaging motions. It is essential to improve blood circulation, metabolism, tone up the skin, make it tightened and elastic. These products are recommended to be used starting from the 12th week of pregnancy. To keep skin elastic, toned up, it is useful to maintain physical activity, take a contrast shower and scrub yourself with a towel, get mild and tender massage with various creams and bath oils.

The legs can be smeared with creams and gels based on extracts of knotweed, chamomile, peppermint or menthol. Thanks to these components, the cosmetic products soothe and moisturize the skin, preventing irritation, take off weariness and puffiness.

During pregnancy it is necessary to refrain from:

  • deep chemical peeling in a salon;
  • anticellulite massage;
  • hot wraps;
  • aggressive lifting;
  • radical whitening;
  • laser procedures;
  • using of silicone or botox.

But if something still disturbs, it is better to consult a cosmetologist who offer an alternative care option.

Waiting for a miracle of delivery of the child the expectant mothers especially want to be beautiful. That’s why they pay a lot of attention to personal care and the body that is changing, but remains not less beautiful. Just don’t forget to be careful, using only natural herbal products in order to harm nor you neither the future baby.

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