General tips for combination skin type care

General tips for combination skin type care

Combination skin is characterized by healthy appearance, flat structure and fatty portions with large pores in T-zone. Fatty and dry patches on the skin may vary, but problems with T-zone usually persist. According to popular beliefs, by time when a person becomes an adult, combination skin can change its type and become normal and sometimes it really happens.

A distinctive feature of combination skin is the hyperactivity of oil glands in T-zone. At the same time in other areas of the skin these oil glands are less active. Combination skin requires greatest possible care for each skin zone separately. As a rule people with combined skin type have comedones (black dots) due to increased sebum in T-zone and dry and peeled skin in other areas of the face. Skin care for combination skin type will help you cope with such issues.


How to define whether you have combination skin type

You can define your skin type in the following way – wash your face with soap and water, wait 2-3 hours and blot your face with tissue in each of the zones. In case you see oily marks when blotting in T-zone, it means that you have oily skin. Together with that other zones remain dry.

General skin care tips for combination skin

Combination skin requires different attitude and care depending on a season. In summer combination skin should be treated as oily: washing gels, scrubs once a week, light creams or gels with anti-inflammatory components are obligatory. In winter you should treat combination skin as dry: gentle cleansing milk, scrubs once per two weeks; apply barrier creams (thick, greasy, based on vegetable oils) at least 20-30 minutes before going outside. In case your skin remains dry at night apply moisturizer. Improper skin care results in its overdrying in cheeks area or clogging in T-zone.

Combination skin cleansing

Cleansing of combination skin should be most delicate since it is necessary to not only remove excess sebaceous secretion, but not to overdry the areas with dry skin. Combination skin should be cleansed each morning and evening with specific cosmetic products designed for this type of skin. These can be gel, foam or cosmetic milk. Apply a thin layer of product, then massage the skin with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes, rinse off with cool water using sponges or cotton balls. It is recommended to use cosmetic products indicated as either oil-free or non-comedogenic.

In case there’s no such indication, keep in mind that the following ingredients are comedogenic - almond oil, peach kernel oil, coconut oil, oleic alcohol, isostearyl alcohol, acetylated lanolin and others. Remember that having combination skin it is not recommended to wash your face with soap and hot water, since this may provoke the enhancement of sebaceous activity.

Combination skin toning

After the skin is cleansed you should apply alcohol-free tonic or lotion for combination skin. Its aim is to normalize skin acidity and sebaceous glands activity as well as to narrow pores and prevent inflammation. When choosing toning cosmetic product pay attention to its composition - it should include anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients. Typically these ingredients are panthenol, bisabolol or various herbal extracts. Tonics with salicylic acid will as well suit perfectly.

Cream application on combination skin

Your cream for combination skin should not be oily and this condition is mandatory. Such cream should include anti-inflammatory agents (extracts of chamomile, sage, plantain, etc.). Try to purchase only creams with natural oils in their composition - such as macadamia oil, shea butter or sesame oil - since mineral oils clog skin pores.

Day cream for combination skin care should have anti-inflammatory, matting and moisturizing effect. Night cream for combination skin care should be a bit fatter than your day cream. The main functions of a night cream are skin restoration, nutrition and hydration. Cream type is usually indicated on cosmetic jars. In case it is not, you can always define cream type by its consistency – night creams are much thicker than day creams. In cold season it is recommended to use night cream with combination skin type during the day.

Deep cleansing of combination skin

Cleansing masks are applied on combination skin type once per two weeks. Use scrubs or peelings with polymers or ground apricot kernels. Masks for combination skin should be creamy and free of fruit acids – otherwise dry areas of your skin will become overdried. Peel-off masks can be applied on oily skin areas. For dry skin areas use nutrition masks once a week. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of combined skin care. When aiming for healthy, matte and beautiful skin remember that your lifestyle and nutrition habits are no less critical.

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