Tips for skin care in winter

Tips for skin care in winter

When winter comes we all wear our warmest clothes in order to keep our body from cold. But only fer of us consider taking care of our skin which in fact needs proper and thorough care especially during this season even if you live in a zone with mild climate and piercing winds and snow do not occur.

Here’s how our skin reacts to cold. When adapting to new weather condition or skin can change its type. Thus oily skin becomes moderately oily, and dry skin becomes even more sensitive. When being stressed our skin starts to peel and you feel and see how irritated it has become. To avoid this you should review your daily routines on taking care of your skin in winter.

We use skin cleansers all year round but during winter it is important to remember important points.

In case you have oily skin, avoid using tonics and cleansers which contain alcohol. Alcohol destroys the protective hydrolipid barrier of the skin, dries and makes it more sensitive to the influence of the sun, frost and bacteria that can cause acne and wrinkles. And, as mentioned above, in winter such type of skin becomes less oily and there’s no need in extra predrying. In this case cosmetic milk cleanser becomes your ideal solution.

If you want to get rid of blackheads and skin irregularities use non- abrasive scrubs. Gommage scrub – creamy peeling which you do not need to rinse with water – will become the best solution for these needs. After using one of these skin care products try not to go outside for an hour at least. Alkaline peeling and deep cleansers is better to forget until summer.

In winter skin moisturizers are critical as ever, taking in account the temperature contrast inside and outside, since additional heating means which we usually use when at home affects the skin correspondingly. Remember, that it’s most advised to apply moisturizing cream during winter in the evening or during the day – that is not shortly before you intend to go outside in order not to add stressful facts for your skin.

Skin hydration is also more important in cold season than ever. Use various hydration masks – once per week if your skin tends to oiliness and 2-3 times per week if you have dry skin. In addition, keep in mind that using nutrition creams instead of moisturizing one is a must.

Number one rule in winter is to wash face at least 1 hour before leaving the house. The same rule applies to beauty products with water as one of the ingredients. The reason is that when not dried completely when in cold this water turns into ice microparticles which causes microcracks in skin, which in its turn starts to peel off and becomes irritated. Thus it is recommended to use cosmetic creams which contain oil and not water. As an alternative you can use special creams marked as “for skin care in winter”.

Follow these rules and keep staying beautiful!

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