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Dryness and irritation (for Mature Skin) - Oil-Free

Condition stratum corneum and amount of sebum comprise the lipid layer that protects the skin from moisture loss and determine the level of skin moisture. Breach of the hydrolipid mantle causes skin dryness and as a consequence, its irritation. To remove skin dryness cosmetics for Mature Skin (Oil-Free) contain special components - hydrating that provide a sufficient level of moisture in the skin: urea, hyaluronic and lactic acid, collagen; as well as the natural oils that help restore the skin's natural protection and soothe irritation.

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  1. Magiray Phyto-essence | Restore

    Phyto-essence | Restore, 50ml

    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics



    Universal emulsion effectively moisturize the skin with extracts of mallow, shikonin and aloe, which provide antioxidant effect. Magiray Phyto-essence is suitable for all skin types, gently cools and soothes the skin. The Magiray formula does not contain fats and oils.

    Eliminates skin problems: Acne, Dryness and irritation, Redness, Seborrhea
  2. Anna Lotan Pure Soothing Aloe Vera Natural Gel | Barbados

    Pure Soothing Aloe Vera Natural Gel | Barbados, 125ml

    Anna Lotan ☆ Professional Cosmetics




    A soothing biological gel.
    Anna Lotan Aloe Vera Natural Gel is known for its beneficial effects on the skin.
    Soothes the skin after burns or sunburn.
    Moisturizes and refreshes the skin and alleviates redness.
    Provides excellent calming care after phototherapy of various types; accelerates healing and hydrates excellently.
    Perfect for use in the salon and as a first aid remedy at home.

    Eliminates skin problems: Dryness and irritation, Redness, Seborrhea
  3. Moraz Tonic cleanser for dry skin

    Tonic cleanser for dry skin, 250ml

    Moraz ☆ Natural Cosmetics



    Moraz: Nonalcoholic cleansing tonic for dry skin with plant extracts. Witch hazel extract in a preparation deeply cleanses and tightens pores and removes swelling around the eyes. Tonic is particularly recommended for skin prone to seborrhea, itching and sensitive skin.

    Eliminates skin problems: Dryness and irritation

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