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Ofra ☆ Decorative Cosmetics


OFRA Cosmetics has distinguished themselves as innovators in the beauty industry by formulating and producing all their exclusive skin care and makeup products in-house. OFRA does it all: formulation, testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

From start to finish, OFRA manufactures all products using only the finest ingredients found on earth such as plant, marine and vegetable extracts, specializes in Retinol, Argerline (Peptides from Amino Acids), Vegetable Growth Hormone, Vitamin C, Glycolic and Lactic Acids, Sodium Hyaluronate, some organic compounds, and other natural, anti-aging, skin repairing ingredients.

Professional makeup and skin care sold around the world.

At the moment, preparations of Ofra cosmetics are not available in the FeelBe web store, or the preparations contain active ingredients, so the purchase of preparations of Ofra will be possible only after an accurate diagnosis of the facial skin and an exact match of preparations.
Please ask us about the availability of the products.
We offer you to take advantage of excellent alternatives: the products of the best brands of Israeli cosmetics presented in the online store FeelBe