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Sea of Spa ☆ Dead Sea Cosmetics

Sea of Spa

The Sea of Spa company develops cosmetics for face, hair and body skin care. The composition of products includes a unique Dead Sea minerals and vitamins, oils and natural plant components necessary for the health and renewal of skin cells.

Israeli cosmetics company Sea of Spa is exclusive, its quality is head and shoulders above all the existing products manufactured on the basis of water, salts and Dead Sea mud. They are the result of serious research, they are engaged in the development of a group of international professionals: dermatologists, biochemists and biotechnologists who have extensive knowledge in the field of cosmetics.

Laboratory Sea of Spa Israeli cosmetic company uses Dead Sea minerals, which, being non-organic substances (not containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) are not oxidized. This saved their beneficial properties required for face, body and hair.

Many of the lines Sea of Spa gained worldwide fame:

  • Black Pearl anti-aging complex on the basis of pearl powder;
  • Alternative Plus anti-aging line with a powerful regenerating effect;
  • Bio Spa line based on plant extracts and oils;
  • MetroSexual line, specially designed for the male body.

We are an official sales point Israeli cosmetics from the Dead Sea Sea of Spa.

At the moment, preparations of Sea of Spa cosmetics are not available in our store
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