Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, restrictions on international transport, traffic in individual regions and border controls may affect the delivery time. FeelBe team is working with several postal operators to move items as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding.
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Payment and Delivery

We are an online store FeelBe, guarantee that your order will ship as soon as possible. We guarantee that your order will be expertly packed and shipped promptly in the manner of delivery, which is best suited for your country. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from FeelBe.

How we do it:

1. You place an order in FeelBe online or over the phone with a sales representative.

2. After payment In the next 24 hours we packing and shipping your order. You will get an email with shipping details including a tracking number. The parcel can send a variety of ways Courier, EMS, Free Economy Intl. shipping, depending on the country of your residence. All items are shipped from our warehouse.

3. Delivery time depend on your location and How you choose to send. Upon receiving the package, we ask you to inspect your order. Open and report all damages or missing items immediately. If you ordered in several boxes please wait for all items to arrive. Damages must be reported within 10 days.

Package Tracking:

We provide all the information from the website of the Israeli mail sending service.
Enter the tracking number and check the status and location of your parcel.

In accordance with the rules of UPU (Universal Postal Union) in respect of numbers, each number shall consist of two letters, in the beginning, 9 numbers and 2 letters at the end (and the corresponding standard ISO-3166, indicating the country of origin, because the store will send all parcels of Israel, therefore, the tracking number will end with "IL").

Israel Post Delivery Tracking

Delivery in Israel:

1. Postal service in Israel is free offered by the Israel postal company within 7-14 working days.

2. Paid delivery by courier is carried out within 1 - 3 days. Delivery in Eilat, kibbutzim, and moshavim can take up to 3 business days, not including the day of dispatch. If you prefer another shipping method - please contact us.

Registration, packing, and shipping orders to customers are carried out the next day after the order. Orders placed on a Friday or a day off will be collected the next working day. After transferring parcels courier, it will call the buyer to schedule delivery. On Fridays and holidays, eves delivery is not made.

3. Courier delivery costs in Israel: 45NIS (including VAT). Shipping costs will be added to your shopping cart before paying the order.

International shipping:

For fast and affordable shipping to our international customers we offer to review the following ways:

1. FeelBe provides Free Economy international shipping for our international customers through the post of Israel. This service is the most economical delivery system of small items outside of Israel, weighing not more than 20kg when the shipment of goods is carried by air or by sea and land. Delivery time may take from 1 to 6 weeks.

2. FeelBe provides Fast international shipping for our international buyers through the company EMS - Express Mail Service, which is an international express post. Amounts of shipping costs may vary depending on your location and weight of the package, so FeelBe draws your attention to the fact that the optimal cost is sending up to 20kg. Delivery time may take from 5 to 14 days.

3. Order Tracking. We believe that order tracking is important to you, so after sending a parcel, you will receive a notice from FeelBe with the registration number for parcel tracking. Note, FeelBe does not reimburse orders lost during transportation.

4. Your Contact Information. Please make sure your shipping address, phone number, and email address are correct and completely filled. This contact information may be needed if the shipping company will need to contact you.

5. Declaration on the cost and product description. Due to commitments to international law, FeelBe ascertains the full cost of your order on the accompanying sheet minus the shipping fee. This document will display the name of each product ordered, the quantity, and the value.

If you select an international delivery, we indicate the number of all the goods that you have ordered, along with the following description of the product - "Natural Products for Personal Use". For example, if you ordered 2 positions of 3 different products in the total cost of $ 30, we will state on the label the following: Quantity: 6. Cost: $ 30.00. Description: Natural Products for Personal Use.

6. Taxes on Imports. Possible import taxes and/or customs duties. Can commission for processing orders. These costs are separate from the shipping fee.

7. Information on Customs. Customs rules differ depending on the country and ignorance of these rules can lead to high tariffs on imports, delayed delivery, or return the order to us. We ask you to meet with your country's customs policy before placing your order. Please check with your customs office to learn whether your country allows the transportation of goods, you are going to have to order and whether any additional license or permit. FeelBe doesn't responsible for packages refused delivery or delayed in customs.

We recommend you to read our "Return and refund policy".

For detailed information on the delivery of your order in your country, please add the item to your shopping cart, select your country from the dropdown menu and click on "Final price".