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Beauty products for redness All Skin Types - All Natural Ingredients

Redness of the skin is a manifestation of a violation of elasticity and excessive expansion of small blood vessels that occurs due to diseases, allergies, damage, or burns to the skin. Cosmetics All Skin Types aimed at reducing redness and strengthening blood vessels contain soothing, cooling, and vasoconstrictive components. These are lotions, gels, and masks with extracts of aloe, cucumber, plantain, chamomile, hazel (witch hazel), mimosa, chestnut, or green tea.

In order to prevent reddening of the skin of the face from developing into permanent and large, it is necessary to take measures even with temporary redness, and will help you with this.

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  1. Sensiteva Aloe vera forte gel

    Aloe vera forte gel, 200ml

    Sensiteva ☆ Natural Cosmetics



    Natural Aloe vera gel - a drug of first aid in any home. Natural aloe juice and seabuckthorn oil in drug basis act in perfect harmony to soothe irritated skin and stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin tissues due to burns, insect bites, allergic reactions, swelling and diaper rash. The Sensiteva aloe vera forte gel moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation and redness and makes the skin smooth and elastic, reduces wrinkles. Using aloe vera gel is effective for improving the skin texture and color.

    Eliminates skin problems: Dryness and irritation, Redness, Seborrhea
  2. Renew Aloevend Gel

    Aloevend Gel, 100ml

    Renew ☆ Professional Cosmetics



    A multi purpose gel highly enriched with medicinal herbal extracts. It efficiently soothes inflamed and irritated skin, it acts by repairing and rehabilitating damaged skin. An excellent moisture binder, it is used also as reviving and refreshing mask.

    Eliminates skin problems: Acne & Breackouts, Dryness and irritation, Redness, Seborrhea
  3. Anna Lotan Delicate Moisturizer | Alodem

    Delicate Moisturizer | Alodem, 75ml

    Anna Lotan ☆ Professional Cosmetics




    Contains a wealth of soothing herbal extracts: Aloe, Fennel, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Mistletoe, Hops and Chamomile to quench the skin with moisture. Premium emollients such as Sacha Inchi (rich with GLA) and Dunalliela Salina protect the skin's natural lipid barrier, while providing their natural antioxidant effect.

    Eliminates skin problems: Redness
  4. Dr. Dabour Treatment Butter | Therapy

    Treatment Butter | Therapy, 100ml

    Dr. Dabour ☆ Natural Cosmetics



    Treatment butter for body, face and neck prepared from a complex of medical herbs, that heals, nourishes and softens the skin rendering it glowing and fresh. This butter rich in antioxidants pampers the skin preserving its youthfulness. Recommended for dry, chapped skin and as a relaxing and soothing after shaving balm.

    Eliminates skin problems: Dryness and irritation, Redness
  5. Christina Zaatar Mask | BioPhyto

    Zaatar Mask | BioPhyto, 75ml

    Christina ☆ Professional Cosmetics

    Zaatar Mask | BioPhyto
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    This treatment mask is designed to cool and soothe irritated skin, fight infections, and to improve skin that is dry due to the use of peeling products. It contains vegetable extracts such as thyme and seaweed, as well as various proven anti-seborrea's and anti-bacterial aromatic oils to soothe and cool the skin.

    Eliminates skin problems: Acne & Breackouts, Dryness and irritation, Redness, Seborrhea

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