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Skin redness treatment by GIGI cosmetics for Damaged Skin - Paraben-Free products

Redness of the skin is the result of violations of elasticity and excessive expansion of small blood vessels that arise in diseases, allergies, skin damage or burns. GIGI Cosmetic products for Damaged Skin (Paraben-Free) aimed at redness' descension and strengthening blood vessels contain soothing, cooling and vessels' reducing components. There are lotions, gels and mask with extracts of aloe, cucumber, plantain, chamomile, hazel (Hamamelis), mimosa, chestnut or green tea.

It is necessary to take appropriate action even if temporary redness of the face, to prevent their transformation into a chronic condition.


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  1. GiGi Redness Relief Cream | Recovery

    Redness Relief Cream | Recovery, 50ml

    GiGi ☆ Professional Cosmetics




    GiGi Redness relief cream is non-oily and provides instant skin relief. Long-term usage improves the skin’s functionality, strengthens the capillary system and the skin’s ability to withstand irritation and sensitivity.

    Rich in clinically tested anti-allergens, which strengthen the skin’s protection mechanism and protects against redness, sensitivity, swelling and Contains ingredients which imitate the skin’s natural protection mechanism. Neutralizes the enzyme which damages the collagen fibers and the capillary walls. Moisturizers and nourishing ingredients restore the skin’s ability to function properly, strengthen the capillary system and nourish the skin with vital Enriched with natural extract which lengthens the lives of the cells and maintains the skin’s youthful, healthy and energetic appearance. Relieves inflammatory redness immediately and prevents the development of visible rosacea. Gentle and pleasant consistency, saturates and smooths the skin. Does not contain Parabens. Anti-allergenic fragrance

    Eliminates skin problems: Dryness and irritation, Redness, Skin Rejuvenation

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