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Skin Lightening by Magiray cosmetics for Mature Skin - Alcohol-Free products

Skin Lightening for Mature Skin by Magiray - a process that includes the use of complex of means for exfoliation, lightening, reduce inflammation and protecting the skin from sunlight. Among the bleaching components with a high whitening effect, which action is directed at the suppression of melanin (skin pigment) are: hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic, ascorbic acids and alpha-hydroxy acids. They are widely used in cosmetic formulations professional brands like Magiray. Plant extracts and essential oils of bearberry, licorice, yarrow, lemon, cucumber and parsley, used in manufacturing of natural cosmetics have a milder lightening effect. The choice of skin lightening agents must be approached with special attention, it is advisable to consult a beautician.

Reminder, skin protection from ultraviolet radiation when using lightening agents - one of the components of success! Also during pregnancy and lactation should refrain from the use of lightening agents, but do not neglect the skin care with SPF.

* Alcohol-Free

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  1. Magiray Diamond premium skin care | Restore

    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics

    Diamond premium skin care | Restore
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    Diamond Premium Skin Care

    Magiray: Set includes

    Step 1 - Diamond Cream-peeling for exfoliation of dead cells of the skin,

    Step 2 - Collagen mask with lifting effect for the restoration of hydro-barrier and smooth the skin,

    Step 3 - Recovery Cream for softening, nutrition and give the skin a shining diamond.

    The Magiray Diamond kit is intended for renew and rapid recovery of sluggish, dull atonic skin. As a result of the three-step procedure, the skin becomes elastic with gentle radiance, becomes smooth and elastic. Due to the stimulant skin renewal such as caviar extract, tripeptide collagen and extract of the germ cells of hummus, the procedure has a prolonged effect.

    Free of parabens, mineral oil, alcohol and dyes.

    Eliminates skin problems: Hyperpigmentation, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkles

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