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For women

Beauty Gifts! Spoil yourself and your loved ones with a gift of natural cosmetics! Top Israeli brands offer natural beauty products for women that we will gladly arrange for you in a lovely gift.

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  1. Aroma Dead Sea Royal Diamond Mineral Soap kit (4 packs)

    Royal Diamond Mineral Soap kit (4 packs), 440 gr

    Aroma Dead Sea ☆ Dead Sea Cosmetics ☆ For women



    This wonderful Aroma Dead Sea mineral soap is based on medicinal salts from the Dead Sea. Regular use helps to preserve the natural balance of the skin. The natural olive, coconut and palm tree oils make the cleansing experience more effective and pleasant. The soap is recommended for use in cases of muscle and joint pains, as well as dry and flaking skin. An every day use will leave your skin healthy and silky.

  2. HL Labs / HolyLand Nourishing Kit | Multi Vitamin

    Nourishing Kit | Multi Vitamin, 100ml

    HL Labs / HolyLand ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women



    Multi Vitamin:

    Holyland Nourishing kit for complimentary treatment at home. With regular use of these HL complex tools, the skin visibly firmer, reduces dilated capillaries, enhances the natural protective mechanisms of the skin and it becomes more hydrated and calm. Both Holyland products are versatile and are used for the care of the face, including the eyelids, neck and décolleté.

    The set includes:

    • Holyland Multivitamin Serum (30 ml)
    • Holyland Rich Moisturizing Cream (50 ml)
  3. HL Labs / HolyLand Nourishing Kit | Juvelast

    Nourishing Kit | Juvelast, 130ml

    HL Labs / HolyLand ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women



    Nourishion kit for complimentary treatment at home

    Directions: According to the individual products included in the kit

    Kit contains: Serum 30ml, Active day cream 50ml, Intensive night cream 50ml

  4. Gelish PolyGel Trial Kit - 4 Piece Set

    PolyGel Trial Kit - 4 Piece Set, 300 gr

    Gelish ☆ Decorative Cosmetics ☆ For women



    Trial Kit contains: 1 x PolyGel Nail Enhancement "Natural Clear" 60g, 1 x PolyGel Slip Solution Nail Liquid 120ml, 1 x PolyGel 2-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool and 1 x PolyGel Tube Key.

  5. GIGI Home Kit | Retin A

    Home Kit | Retin A, 300 gr

    GIGI ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women



    The Retin A Home Kit - Triple Power contains 3 products: 1. Gi-Gi Retin A Foaming Cleanser 10% Glycolic Acid, 125 ml; 2. Gi-Gi Retin A Overnight Toner, 120 ml; 3. Gi-Gi Retin A Overnight Cream, 60 ml

  6. Maelys Lip Thickening Kit - Flirt

    Lip Thickening Kit - Flirt, 200ml

    Maelys ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women



    A revolutionary lip care kit that adds volume to your lips in the immediate but mostly long term. The unique combination of Scrub Peeling, which provides moisture and restoration, along with active lipstick that helps thicken and smooth the lips, will give you a fuller, thicker lips look. The package contains 15 ml Scrub and 10 ml lipstick.

  7. Aroma Dead Sea Royal Diamond Mud Soap Kit (4 packs)

    Royal Diamond Mud Soap Kit (4 packs), 440 gr

    Aroma Dead Sea ☆ Dead Sea Cosmetics ☆ For women



    A mineral rich natural Aroma Dead Sea cosmetic soap based on black mud from the Dead Sea with its famous healthful properties. The soap helps to restore the natural balance of the skin. It is recommended for use for all skin types.
    The soap contains vitamins, minerals and black mud from the Dead Sea together with natural olive, coconut and palm-tree oils. The natural mud soap vigorously exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin of the face and body without causing dryness. It possesses therapeutic antibacterial qualities and may be used preventively. Prolonged use creates a smooth healthy skin.

    1) On your face - lather hands thoroughly and then lather face and neck vigorously while avoiding the eye area. Rinse with water. It is recommended that you wash your face using mud soap daily before bedtime or as required. Follow with a Aroma Dead Sea toner and a face cream.
    2) On your body - apply generously to a wet sponge and lather the body using the sponge. Rinse well. It is recommended that you follow with body cream or body lotion.

  8. Magiray Diamond premium skin care | Restore

    Diamond premium skin care | Restore, 135ml

    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women



    Diamond Premium Skin Care

    Magiray: Set includes

    Step 1 - Diamond Cream-peeling for exfoliation of dead cells of the skin,

    Step 2 - Collagen mask with lifting effect for the restoration of hydro-barrier and smooth the skin,

    Step 3 - Recovery Cream for softening, nutrition and give the skin a shining diamond.

    The Magiray Diamond kit is intended for renew and rapid recovery of sluggish, dull atonic skin. As a result of the three-step procedure, the skin becomes elastic with gentle radiance, becomes smooth and elastic. Due to the stimulant skin renewal such as caviar extract, tripeptide collagen and extract of the germ cells of hummus, the procedure has a prolonged effect.

    Free of parabens, mineral oil, alcohol and dyes.

  9. Halo Acnekit for acne treatment

    Acnekit for acne treatment, as described above

    Halo ☆ Natural Cosmetics ☆ For women



    Halo: Acnekit - the perfect set for the complex treatment of acne and pimples, based on extracts of medicinal plants in high concentrations, can help get rid of acne and soothe irritated, sensitive skin. Acnekit proved its effectiveness based on herbal medicine, which combines scientific and traditional approaches to the treatment of oily skin problems.

    The kit contains: Facial soap "Lavender", Moisturizer "Chamomile & Frankincense", Clay & Algae Mask and the Echinacea colloid.

  10. Christina Post-Peeling Kit | Rose de Mer

    Post-Peeling Kit | Rose de Mer, 45ml

    Christina ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For women

    Special Price: $128.32

    Regular Price: $150.97


    Post-Peeling Kit contains:
    Step 1 – Dry Out:The Dry Out formula fortifies the peeling action while reducing irritation. With a combination of Kojic Acid, Arbutin and vitamins, Dry Out lightens hyperpigmentation and accelerates cell turnover, providing a healthy youthful glow.
    Step 2 – Calm and Hydrate: Calm and Hydrate infuses the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, binding water to the skin and maintaining optimal hydration levels while preventing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). It mimicks the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Featuring an innovative combination of botanicals and calming agents, Calm and Hydrate delivers minerals and nutrients to boost skin suppleness, smoothness and overall health.
    Step 3 – Peel and Renew: Peel and Renew naturally repairs skin conditions from premature aging to hyperpigmentation. Based on a unique blend of rejuvenating agents and vitamins, Peel and Renew moisturizes skin, improves its elasticity and gently sheds dead cells to reveal younger, firmer and healthier looking skin.
    The result is glowing, radiant and even-toned skin in less than a week. The Rose de Mer Peeling Soap is the perfect solution for problematic skin conditions. Rose De Mer by Christina is a natural peeling treatment, which is based on a unique blend of herbs, seaweed and coral. The Rose de Mer is an effective treatment for skin renewal by exfoliation of the epidermis. Rose De Mer products create an effect of microdermabrasion. Rose De Mer products will help with skin aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars and more. With this treatment your skin will become firmer, looks healthier and visibly rejuvenated. Peeling is not limited by age and skin color.

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