Reward points from FeelBe - buy with benefits!

Your purchases are becoming more profitable and enjoyable!

Each purchase to your account will earn bonus points, which can later be used in purchasing any goods in the FeelBe web store.

What are bonus points?

Reward points - an indicator of the activity of buyers in the online store. The reward points can not get physical, converted into money, etc. With higher customer activity, the greater the discount proportional to the previously paid shopping in the FeelBe store he will receive. Values are provided at 1 Shekel = 1 Bonus point ratio since the store is actually in Israel.

How are points charged?

Points are awarded after payment. The order may be paid by any method. The number of reward points, relying on the purchase of a product, shall be noted in the item card on site. When returning the order and payment for it - the bonus points accrued for this sale are "burned".
Points are awarded only to the payer. If you create an order from your account but pay another person or legal entity - your account will not be assessed points.

How quickly are points charged?

Bonus points are awarded to your account immediately after payment.

How to use the bonus points?

When placing your order on the Checkout page on the FeelBe web store, you can specify the number of points that you are willing to spend during the ordering process (bonuses can be paid not more than 50% of purchases); we remind, 1 point is equal to 1 Shekel. They are written off immediately after creating the order, and you will see the cost of your order is already considering the used points. They will be directly returned to your account if you cancel the order.
Bonus can be spent within three months from the charge date to your bonus account. The bonus can pay any number of times. Every new purchase extends the bonus for another three months.

Where to watch the amount of the accumulated bonus points?

The quantity of reward points is accumulated and displayed in the menu at the top of the page of the authorized user or in the customer account.

What are the ways of getting bonus points provided on the site?

You earn points for various actions on our website:

- Registration on the site (creation of your account) - 3 points

- Subscribe to the shop newsletter - 1 point

- Placing an order on the site - for every 50 Shekels from the value of the order charged one point (1 Shekel), and points are awarded immediately after the payment of the order

- Writing reviews of products purchased online - 3 points

- Rating - 1 point.

Can I donate bonus points?

Reward points can not be transferred or donated to another registered or unregistered user. But you can quickly pay by them "buy a gift."  To do this, while filling out the order form "Your order for bonus points" in the "delivery address," enter the address of the person to whom you wish to make a gift.

If the goods are back, whether to return your points on a card?

Yes, it will be returned to your account within a few days.

Buying in our shop is now even more profitable and accessible, we welcome you!