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Face makeup products: the tonal makeup bases, corrective pencils, powders provide the perfect, smooth in color and texture, skin cover.

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  1. Lipacid - Cover Stick
    GiGi ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Cover Stick | Lipacid, 4 ml




    Imperfection camouflage stick with therapeutic properties. Anti-bacterial to prevent bacterial growth, prevents and soothes skin irritations due to external pollutants. Gives skin a natural look. Spread on clean skin over problematic areas. Is also suitable as a base for make-up.

  2. spf36 uvb protection
    Renew ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Sunscreen Cream Demi Make-Up SPF-30 | Whitening, 100 ml




    Moisturizing cream with a light “make-up” shade, suitable for all kinds of skin, it provides effective screening of UVA and UVB rays (SPF30) which are the main reason for fast aging of the skin. The cream strengthens the protection capability of the skin. It contains ant oxidizing agents, rich in moisturizers which keeps the skin moist and prevent the feeling of dryness. The cream provides a homogenous shade besides elasticity and solid look, it is absorbed easily and provides a gentle cover and a natural look.

  3. Demi Make Up Spf36
    Holy Land ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Demi Make Up SPF-30 | Sunbrella, 125 ml



    SPF with demi make-up, contains UVA and UVB.

  4. Cream Color Corrector Spf-15
    GiGi ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Color Corrector Cream SPF-15 | Bioplasma, 75 ml




    Make-up combined with skin care cream, providing skin with an even and glamorous appearance all morning. Treats 5 signs of skin aging: uneven tone, blemishes, wrinkles, dryness and roughness. The GiGi cream is enriched with active ingredients that improve the skin’s condition: Vitamin C lightens skin discoloration and acts as an anti-oxidant, thus preventing oxidative damage; effective moisturizing increases the hydration level in cells for 24 hours, prevents dryness, smoothes fine lines and contributes to skin softness; effective sunscreens ensure maximum protection against UV damage and free radicals, and prevent changes in skin tone.

    Paraben free, Dermatologically tested

  5. Camellia Tinted Day Cream SPF 30+
    Anna Lotan ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Camellia Tinted Day Cream SPF-30+ | Greens, 50ml




    A premium quality Anna Lotan moisturizing day cream with optimal broadspectrum UV environmental protection.
    Enriched with vitamin E and Green Tea extract as natural antioxidants. Recommended for daily use, all year round, on it's own, or best over your product of choice from the greens care line.
    Spreads surprisingly easily, rapidly absorbed leaving no oily after feel.
    Micro-pigments in this lightly tinted formulation enhance the UV protection and naturally conceal uneven skin tone.
    Gives maximum protection from the sun's shorter UVB rays which can cause sunburn.
    Protects against the longer and deeper penetrating UVA rays to protect against unsightly pigmentation and premature ageing.

  6. Bi-Phase Makeup Remover
    Christina ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Bi-Phase Makeup Remover | Wish, 100ml

    Special Price: $25.56

    Regular Price: $27.48



    The refreshing, non-oily Christina Bi-Phase Makeup Remover gently removes eye makeup instantly leaving eyes clean, smooth, calmed and moisturized.

  7. Day protect mineral powder SPF 20
    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Day protect mineral powder SPF 20, 50 ml



    Magiray: Natural loose powder specially designed to protect facial skin from harmful external factors. Contains healing herbal extracts and physical sunscreens (SPF 20), protecting against UVA rays and blocking over 90% of harmful UVA radiation. The Magiray powder does not hamper skin breathing and does not clog pores. Suits to all skin types, including problem and delicate ones.

  8. Lifting tone base SPF-30
    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Lifting tone base SPF-30, 30 ml



    Magiray: Lifting tone base (SPF-30) for normal and dry skin with the masking effect, moisturizes the skin and improves its tone. Regular use of the Magiray cream will make the skin surface smooth, giving it a youthful appearance.

  9. herbal tone base
    Magiray ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Herbal tone base SPF-6, 30 ml



    Magiray: Herbal tone base with SPF-6 for daily protection for oily and combined skin types. The preparation contains natural sunscreens and witch hazel extract. Magiray tone base is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, effectively camouflages skin imperfections (acne, blemishes, etc.)

  10. Premium BB Cream SPF 36
    Anna Lotan ☆ Professional Cosmetics ☆ For face

    Premium BB Cream SPF 36, 30 ml



    A Premium Anna Lotan BB Cream offering long lasting coverage, protection and wrinkle relaxing effect.
    Concentrated formula. A little will go a long way.
    Applied in the morning, still looks great at the end of a busy day.
    Formulated as a W/O emulsion that naturally repels water. However, care should be taken when regularly used on skin with enlarged pores!
    Excellent spreading and adherence on the skin, offering optimal coverage for discolorations - including under eye dark circles! (for all skin types).
    A targeted combination of the amino-acid Proline and Palm oil enhances skin penetration and provides a "plumping" anti-wrinkle effect, making it ideal for dry, mature skin.
    Enriched with emollient oils that smooth the skin and prevent the typical accentuation of fine lines common with many concealing makeup products.
    Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger and maintains the quality of the natural oils in the formula.
    Anna Lotan Premium BB Cream, combines concealing opacity with a light translucent veil which becomes apparent once the cream is fully absorbed. This veil allows your natural skin tone to shine through. Unlike a foundation, choosing the right shade of Premium BB cream is easy! They offer a chromatic filter that adapts to your own skin color following application.

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