Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea is a leading skincare brand with years of experience in developing, producing and manufacturing natural, award-winning, age-defying and active skincare that helps the skin look and feel at its best, Premier Dead Sea has grown to become one the leading brands in the cosmetic field.

Premier Dead Sea scientifically turns premium natural Dead Sea treasures such as, mud, salt and Dead Sea water into unique beauty products that address a wide range of skin needs in all ages.

Since it was founded, Premier Dead Sea has launched several skincare lines, all based on Dead Sea mud, salts, seaweed and natural extracts.

Premier Dead Sea offers products for men and women of all skin types and skin concerns, but it is renowned for its award-winning anti-aging products, as well as skincare solutions for skin prone to Psoriasis.

Premier Dead Sea’s products offer not only answers to different skin concerns but also a full, unique home spa experience.

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