How to strengthen brittle nails?

How to strengthen brittle nails?

It is very important to have healthy and beautiful nails. It seems to be minor, and hygiene and tidiness are simple and necessary. Stylish manicure is an essential part of business people image while beauty and health just make life brighter and more joyful. But what to do if the nails start cracking, grow yellow and their edges become uneven and sloppy? Actually, it is quite easy to strengthen brittle nails; you just have to know some beauty secrets.

What causes nail brittleness?

Nail plate consists of different minerals and microelements – zinc, calcium, chromium, selenium, ferrum, as well as keratin. Thickness, hardness and appearance of the corneous units depend on the substance ratio as well as on bonds between molecules. And they can flake because of:

  • health problems;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • mechanical damage;
  • devastating effect of chemical environments;
  • improper application of cheap, low-quality cosmetics.

Nail plate flaking can be concerned with serious genetic and acquired diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, eczema and psoriasis, heart, liver, thyroid gland and kidney malfunction. Hormonal changes within the body, for example, during menopause or adolescence influence rate of nail growth, as well as their integrality and attraction. Deficiency of A, E, C and B vitamins, calcium and magnum promptly affect the nail beauty.

But temperature difference, using aggressive detergents, frequent application of lacquer, cheap acetone and hardeners, other domestic factors are not less destructive. That why, going out in the cold, wear warm mittens, wash the dishes with not too hot water and in gloves, avoid chlorinated water in the pool.

Popular recipes

In order to strengthen brittle nails you are to care for them properly, file them, but not bite, use only personal or well-disinfected manicure tools. And in order to restore the nail structure, people usually make domiciliary hand and foot soak bowls and masks. The best components for soaking are:

  • sea-salt;
  • vegetable oils;
  • lemon;
  • iodine;
  • herbal infusions, for example of mint, dandelion, sage, St-John’s wort.

The nails are promptly recovered to life by foodstuff mixtures, for instance, eggwhite or eggshell, potatoes, bananas, carrot, dairy or sour cream. Beeswax and blue clay are also applied.

Ready-made products

But it is easier and healthier to use special products that were developed by the leading world cosmeticians. It is beneficial to use nourishing creams that moisturize and soothe foot and hand skin, as well as strengthen and disinfect nail plate. Cuticles are dubbed by sea-buckthorn, castor, lemon and lavender oil with vitamins A and E, knotweed, sage, myrtle and mugwort extracts, massaged gently and not flushed away. Thereby the nails will grow faster, getting a healthy appearance and gaining the strength.

To strengthen brittle nails, restore damaged nail plate, give them diamond shine, a special hardener, for example, diamond from Tapuach is necessary. It will saturate the nails with minerals and vitamins, protect them against yellowing and dehydration. The hardener is applied 1-2 times a week, as a base for lacquer or separately. It will protect the nails against mechanical and chemical effects, allowing manicure the nails more rarely, keeping its magnificent, well-groomed look.

For the nails that were damaged by a fungal disease or nail extension procedure, the special care using serum or restorer will be necessary. And for the people aiming for getting rid of pernicious habit to bite nails, there is a unique agent with bitter taste that is recommended by orthodontists.

By regular care for the nails you can keep beautiful and healthy look of the hands for many years. And in this regard, it is not obligatory to brew up medicinal herbs or mix the mask components. You can just take use of the top-quality cosmetic products, devoting to your hands only several minutes a day.

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